DIY: Polaroid Birth Announcement

Hello DIY Friends!

I’ve had many requests and questions about my Polaroid Birth Announcements. I’ve been meaning to do a DIY on it for quite some time and finally found some quiet time to go through the motion of a step by step DIY.

To make this fun announcement, you’ll need the following:

– a cute picture – 3″ x 3″
– white cardstock – cut a 4.25″ x 5.5″ card and a 3.5″ x 4.25″ card
– black cardstock – cut a 3.25″ x 3″
– glue stick
– scissors
– black marker, not Sharpies because they’ll bleed through
– white gel pen
– double-sided tape
– Exacto knife
– a printer if you want to use my Polaroid sketch in my etsy store..or you can sketch your own.

Tape your 3″ x 3″ image onto your white Polaroid (3.25″ x 4.25″) cardstock. I find tape is better suited for securing image than with the glue stick.

On the back, glue the black cardstock to mimic the film. You can write the important information on the back with the white gel pen. I used a white jelly roll pen, which worked perfectly, for the Little One’s birth stats.

Now here comes the more difficult part.

Using the Exacto knife and ruler, cut a slit wide enough for the Polaroid to slip through – about 3.5″.

Slip your Polaroid in and out to make sure it would slide through with ease. With the Polaroid still in, determine how much you want the white part of the picture to be seen by the recipient. Flip the entire card over. Put a few pieces of double-sided tape onto the back of the A2 Polaroid print out (I put it on top, left and right) be careful not to tape the actual Polaroid or else it will be stuck. Finally, sandwich the Polaroid picture with the remainder blank A2 cardstock.

Pull the Polaroid picture out to make sure it slides out..and you’re done!

Let us know what you would use this Polaroid for!

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17 thoughts on “DIY: Polaroid Birth Announcement

  1. hopped on over from the blog You Are My Fave…and I'm in love with this! Thanks so much for sharing the DIY tutorial :) I pinned it on pinterest so I can get back to it when we have our next little one!

  2. genius birth announcement! i featured you on my post today . thank you for sharing. i'll use this announcement for the next baby!

  3. I love this birth announcement! I'd love to use the template to make ours for the upcoming arrival of our first baby in Dec 2011, but the link for your sketch doesn't seem to be working… Can you post the link again? Thank you for sharing this!

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